OpenSSL is a popular open-source library that offers cryptographic services such as SSL/TLS protocols for secure communication over networks. However, recently, OpenSSL has made changes to the way it selects cryptographic algorithms, particularly concerning signature creation for handshakes. As a result, you may encounter the error message "Command Not Successful" if your InfiniteWP admin panel and WordPress sites have different OpenSSL versions/libraries.

We have resolved this issue and released updates for both the IWP admin panel and the IWP client plugin.

- First, ensure you have updated your admin panel to the latest version. (Check Change Log)

- Next, update your IWP client plugin to the latest version. (1.13.0) or greater.

You can simply download the client plugin from this link, extract the files, and upload them to your WordPress plugin folder. 

- Or use the option shown in the screenshots below to reinstall the IWP client plugin. 

If you still encounter the same error, please contact our support team so they can assist you further.