You can now encrypt the Database backup and save it on your WordPress server or Cloud Storage.

Please follow the instructions below to encrypt your Database Backup.

Go to Protect -> Backups

Here you can create a manual or scheduled backup.

Select the WordPress site and on the "Enter Details" section choose Phoenix backup mechanism

Now you will see an option to enter a Phrase as shown in the screenshot below. The phrase you insert here is used to encrypt your Database (Rijndael). 

This is also the key to decrypt your database backups when you restore the backup on your WordPress site via IWP admin panel. You do not need to enter the Phrase when you restore the backup via IWP admin panel.

The Phrase will be saved on a temp folder, and it will be automatically used while restoring it.

NOTE: Right now, there isn't an option to manually decrypt the file and also you shouldn't be using the encrypted backups to clone your WordPress site. We will be implementing these features in our upcoming update releases.