When you point to a site, the site-specific operations menu appears nearby. Following are the operations that can be done from here.

        a. View site This opens the WordPress site in a new tab.

        b. Write new post This opens the Add New Post page of the admin dashboard.

        c. Open admin here This opens the site’s WP admin dashboard within the app. You can still bring up the site list by clicking on the W button in the bottom left corner.

        To close the admin dashboard, click on the ‘x’ near the site name in the tool bar.

         Loading the non https site with active content inside https enabled site (IWP Panel) blocked by the Browser Default security rules. You should be using Open admin in new tab on these scenarios.

        d. Open admin in a new tab This opens the WP admin dashboard in a new tab.

        e. Backup now This pops up a dialog box with options to backup the site. Check here 

        f. View Backups Lists all available backups of the site. You can restore the backups, download and delete them.

        g. Edit site details You can update the admin username or the admin URL if there’s a change. Also you can try changing the connection method or content type if you have any issues with site connection.

        h. Reload data Fetches real-time fresh WP data from the site.

        i. Maintenance mode You can enable maintenance mode on your WordPress site.

        j. Server info You can check the details of your server where you have installed WordPress site.

        k. Remove site To remove your WordPress site from the IWP admin panel, point your mouse to the site and in the menu that appears, click on Remove. 

            Then click on the red Remove button. Be advised –This action cannot be undone. This will also deactivate the IWP client plugin.

        l. Here you can view your WordPress core, plugin and theme details by hovering them.

       m.Add Links You can add links for future reference.

        n. Add notes You can add notes for future reference.