All WP operations you perform in the app will be logged here for your reference. To view details of a task, expand it by clicking on it. View older entries by clicking on the next page numbers.

Filter by period

You can filter the log within a date range by selecting a date range.

To select a date range,

Open the calendar widget by clicking on the –Select Date Range- dropdown.

Click on the ‘from’ date

Click on the ‘to’ date

Click on the Reload Data button to load all the actions performed within the selected time period.

Filter by actions

You can filter the log by selecting a particular action.

To select a particular action,

Select the action from the drop down which you want to see the logs and Click Reload data button.

Note: You can also  see the logs for a particular action in particular time period.

Report Issue

To report a failed task or if you need assistance with a task, click on the Report Issue link and send us the report. Kindly search through the forum for a solution to your problem before reporting it. Also make sure there is no problem with your WordPress site.

View Site Response

For failed tasks, you can view the response from the WP site by clicking on the View site response link.