To add the WP sites to your IWP admin panel, you have to

  • Install the InfiniteWP client plugin in your WP sites
  • Connect the client plugin and the admin panel

Installing the InfiniteWP client plugin in your WP sites

In your WP admin dashboard, click on Plugins -> Add New

Enter “iwp” in the search box and press Enter.

Now click the Install Now link under the InfiniteWP Client plugin.

After it’s installed, Click Activate Plugin

Connecting the client plugin and the admin panel

Open your IWP admin panel and near the bottom left corner, click on the Add Website button to open the “Add a WordPress site” dialog.

From the WP dashboard, Click Copy details under “Add this site to IWP admin panel” and Paste it in the “Add a WordPress site” dialog on your IWP admin panel..

Click on Add Site button to complete the connection.

The site will be added to the list on the left. The site data will be fetched automatically and updates, if any, will also be displayed. The site’s favicon will also be displayed near the site name for quick recognition.

Additionally there are 4 options available while adding a site

  • Assign to groups
  • Folder protection
  • Advanced
  • Site Alias

Assign to Groups

You can assign the sites that you add to groups for better management. You can either assign them to a new group or to an existing group. You can also assign them to more than one new groups by entering them separated by a comma.

Folder protection

If your WP site is folder-protected, you can enter the access details here before adding it.


You can use Advanced Options if you get any errors while adding your WordPress site. 

Site Alias

You can rename the site to a name which you can remember or identify the site easily.