These are the minimum requirements for any server to install IWP admin panel.

PHP Version

5.3.3 or above

MySQL Version

5.1.73 or above

cURL Version

7.39 or above



PHP Safe Mode


cURL Library


PHP Max Execution Time

Configurable  i.e set_time_limit() function should be enabled

PHP Memory Limit


Functions to be enabled for better connection to your WordPress sites

Command, Socket


Mod_sec rules on the this link should be removed or white-listed for IWP to run smoothly.

1-50 sites or less any shared hosting plan should work out for you.

51-100 sites we suggest a re-seller hosting account with additional server memory. 

100-500 sites you should consider a VPS managing this many sites. That VPS should have at least 512MB of memory. 

500 above sites you should definitely consider a Dedicated server managing this many sites.