You can backup your WP sites to repositories like Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3. You can also backup to other servers via FTP.

To backup a site to a repository,

  1. Select the sites that you want to backup
  2. Enter the details for the backup. More Info
  3. Select the required repository and backup your sites.


Enter the FTP credentials and click Backup Now. You can save the FTP details as a profile for reuse.


Amazon S3

Enter the Amazon S3 credentials. To get your Amazon S3 credentials, view these instructions. You can save the credentials as a profile for reuse.



Click on the Connect to my Dropbox & Authorize button


After logging into Dropbox, click on Allow when prompted


Get back to the panel and click on the Yes, I have authorized this panel button


Currently you can only connect One Dropbox account with your IWP admin panel at a time. 

Google Drive

To use Google Drive as a backup repository, you have to connect your InfiniteWP admin panel with your Google Drive account.

Please create a separate Client ID for your Google API account. View these instructions



You can also connect many Google accounts to the panel.

Note: Please do a test connection to the repositories by clicking on the Test connection link before backing up.