Phase 1: Download .zip file

Phase 2: Uploading the package

Phase 3: Installing

Phase 1: Download .zip file

Step 1: Download the IWP Admin Panel from here

Step 2: A package will now be downloaded — IWPAdminPanel_(v).zip

Phase 2: Uploading the package

Step 1: Unzip the downloaded package — “IWPAdminPanel_(v).zip”.

Step 2: Create a new folder on your server.

i.e. If your site is, log on to the site via your FTP client. then Create a new folder, say, — “IWP”

Step 3: And upload the unzipped files into the — “IWP” folder.
Note: You can also install it on your localhost instead of a server.

Phase 3: Installing

Step 1: Access the folder through your browser — i.e.

Step 2: License Agreement — Read through the license agreement and click [ Agree & Install ] button if you agree to the license agreement.

Step 3: Server Requirements — This step checks the server requirements to install the app, then click [ Next ] button.

Step 4: Before proceeding to the next step, you have to Create a Database.

Reference links:

cPanel - How Do I Create a MySQL Database, a User?

GoDaddy - Create Mysql or MS Sql Databases

Plesk - How to create Databases

Note: If you find it hard to create a database, try our free cPanel installer.

Step 5: DB Details — Enter the new DB details - DB Name, DB Username & DB Password,
then click
 [ Next ] button.

Note: For the DB Host and DB Port, use the default values. If the installation fails, contact your host for the correct details.

Step 6: Create Login — Create new login credentials with which you can login to the admin panel,
then click 
[ Next, Install ] button.

Installing your admin panel

Your IWP admin panel is now ready to save your time. :)