InfiniteWP admin panel version <2.15

Please do not network activate the IWP Client Plugin. 

Activate the InfintieWP client plugin on your child sites individually and add the sites to your admin panel.

InfiniteWP admin panel version >=2.15

Please note v2.15 is only available on the beta program at this time.

Install the InfiniteWP client plugin on the parent site, and network activate the plugin.

Copy the activation details from your WordPress site and paste it on the Add site dialog box on your admin panel.

Once you hit the Add site button, you will see the below window in which you can choose the child sites to add to your admin panel automatically.

If you do not want to add any particular child sites, uncheck the site and add the rest of your network sites.

How to add Child site individually? 

Please login to your network site and go to the plugins page. Here click View Activation Key Link on InfiniteWP Client Plugin.

Now, login to your IWP admin panel and click the Add Site button. Here enter your child site URL and username. Then Paste the activation key and add your child site individually.