How to connect Google Safe Browsing with IWP admin panel?

Phase 1: Create New Project

Note: You can skip this Phase if you have already created a project with InfiniteWP. Make sure you select your project before you skip this step.

Step 1: Go to Google Developers Console

Step 2: Click the [ Create project ] button.

Step 3: Enter a project name e.g. InfiniteWP, click on the [ Create ] button. 

Phase 2: Connect to your Google Safe Browsing 

Note: If you haven't created a project with InfiniteWP yet, make sure you go through the "Create New Project" Phase.

Step 1: Go to Google Developers Console

Step 2: Select your Project

Step 3: Click the [ Library ] menu icon under [ API Manager ] 

Step 4: Search [ Google Safe Browsing ] and then click [ Google Safe Browsing API ] link

Click the [ Enable ] button.

Step 5: Click Create Credentials and on the next page click What credentials do I need?

Step 6: Copy the API key here

Step 7: Now login to your InfiniteWP admin panel and go to Settings --> Google. You can now paste the API Key and click [ Save Changes ] button.