Using Manage Users addon you can do the following actions

  • Change role

  • Change password

  • Delete user

  • Create new user

To Manage users

  1. Go to Manage → Users

  2. Select the sites in which you want to manage users

  3. Select the user types that you want to load

  4. Click Load Users.


Show by Users

This displays the users list and under each user, the sites in which they are a user.


Show by Websites

This displays the website list and under each site, the users that are installed in it.


Change role

To change roles,


  1. Select the users for whom you want to change roles.

  2. Click on Change Role

  3. From the dropdown, select the role that you want to assign the users to.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

Change password

To change passwords,


  1. Select the users for whom you want to change passwords.

  2. Click on Change Password.

  3. In the text field, enter the new password.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

Delete User

To delete users,


  1. Select the users whom you want to delete.

  2. Click on Delete.

  3. If you want to reassign the posts to another user, enter the user’s name in the text field. If not, leave it blank.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

Create New User

To create a new user,


  1. Select the sites where you want to create the user in.


  1. In the next step, enter the details of the user.



  2. Username – The username for the new user

  3. Role – Select the role of the new user

  4. Email – The new user’s email

  5. Password – The password for the new user

  6. Enter the details about the user.

  1. You can also send the password to the new user by email by checking the option.

  2. The first name, last name, website fields are optional.

  3. Click Create User.