Using Wordfence addon scan multiple WordPress sites using Wordfence at once from InfiniteWP dashboard and view results right there. You can also view previous scan reports for all WordPress sites from your IWP dashboard.

To scan a site using Wordfence addon,

Go to Protect Wordfence


First you need to install and activate Wordfence plugin on all your sites.

You can do this in a single click from your IWP admin panel.


After installing and activating the Wordfence plugin, to scan your sites,


  1. Select the websites in which you need to initiate a Wordfence scan

  2. Click Scan now to initiate a new scan


  1. Once the scan is completed you will see the below pop up message on right top corner of your IWP admin panel.   

  1. Click View the result to load your scan results.


  1. If any site is affected you can you can click View Details. You will  be redirected to Wordfence plugin page on your WordPress Dashboard. You can make changes there.

  1. Click Load Previous Scan Results to load the results of your previous Wordfence scan.

Note: Wordfence addon uses free version of Wordfence plugin. Premium version is also compatible with this addon.