You can backup the sites automatically based on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

To create a new schedule for backups.

Click on the Create New Backup Schedule button


Now select the sites that you want to backup


Enter the details for the schedule


  1. Enter a Schedule name for your reference.

  2. Choose when you want to run your Back schedules.

 1. Daily – The backup will be taken at the specified time every day.


 2. Weekly – The backup will be taken at the specified time on the specified day.


3. Fortnightly – The backup will be taken every 2 weeks in a month on the specified date.


4. Monthly – The backup will be taken at the specified time on the specified date.


c.No of backups to keep – the maximum number of backed up zip files that will be retained in the

 server. For eg., if the No of backups to keep is set as 5, the sixth backup will overwrite the

 first one and so on.

d. Backup options

Create zip without compression – If this option is checked, it just packages the backed up files into a zip archive without compressing.

Optimize database tables – If this option is checked, the OPTIMIZE TABLE MySQL function will be run on all tables.

e. Backup type

Files & DB – Both the files and DB will be included in the backup

DB – Backs up just the DB alone.

Files – Backups up just the Files alone.

f. Exclude files and folders – Enter the names of files or folders that you want to exclude from

 the backup.

g. Exclude files of these extensions – Enter the file extensions that you want to exclude from

 the backup.

h. Select the file size on the drop down to exclude the files larger than the selected value.

i. Include folders – You can include folders other than the default wp-admin, wp-content &  


j. Select the backup mechanism. To know more see this Single-call and Multi-call Backup Methods

k. Fail-safe options – If you have a server where resources are limited and backups fail, you can

 use these options and choose the combination that works best for you.

Select Repository if you want to save the backups on your Cloud storage and Hit Schedule Now to create your back schedule.

Note: To enable Scheduled backups you need to set the cron job to run every 20 mins or less.