Thank you for purchasing the addon suite.

You should be able to install all your addons the moment you make the purchase.

The order status should in no way affect the usage of your addons.

The order status will change once you get past the return period post which refunds will not be possible.

Go ahead and first install the IWP Panel if you haven't installed it yet.

Once you install the Panel you can download the IWP addons inside the IWP Panel.

Here's how you can install the IWP Panel.

Here's how you can install the Addons.

After logging into your IWP admin panel, click on the "Addons" tab and then make sure to connect the IWP Admin panel to your User account ( of )

So if you see a red message saying " connect now" , click on that and then enter the site / User account credentials.

( please make sure not to confuse the credentials to that of the IWP admin panel. In case you keep trying wrong credentials you may get locked out) .

Then after you have connected this, simply follow this procedure : ( by click on the check now button)