Let's look at the options of Client Plugin Branding

  1. Change appearance
  2. Hide updates
  3. Disable File editing

Change appearance

This is the default view. There will be no change in the appearance of the client plugin unless something is changed.

Hide from plugin list

This totally hides the client plugin from the plugin list in the WP Dashboard.

Change details
You can change the details of the Client Plugin to show the content that your enter.

The above will change the plugin details as below.

Hide Updates

If you check this option, the Updates section in the WP Dashboard will be removed.

Before hiding updateAfter hiding updates

Disable file editing

If you check this option, the Plugins and Themes File Editor sections will be removed.

Before disabling file editing

After disabling file editing

You can apply the Client plugin Branding across all WordPress sites added to your admin panel by following the above instructions.  

With IWP admin panel version 2.15, we have introduced an option to set up custom branding on any specific WordPress site.

1. Global Client plugin branding settings will be applied to your WordPress site. (Settings -> Client Plugin Branding)

2. You can implement custom client plugin branding specifically to a WordPress site.