Phase 1: Create New Project
Phase 2: Connect to your Google Analytics Account or Webmaster or Pagespeed

Phase 1: Create New Project

Note: You can skip this Phase if you have already created a project with InfiniteWP. Make sure you select your project before you skip this step.

Step 1: Go to Google Developers Console

Step 2: Click the [ Create project ] button.

Step 3: Enter a project name e.g. InfiniteWP, click on the [ Create ] button.

Phase 2: Connect to your Google Analytics Account [ or ] Webmaster [ or ] Pagespeed

Note: If you haven't created a project with Infinitewp yet, make sure you go through the "Create New Project" Phase.

Step 1: Go to Google Developers Console

Step 2: Select your Project

Step 3: Click the [ Library ] menu icon under [ API Manager ] 

IF google webmaster Enabling:

Step 4
: Search [Google Search Console API], then click the [Google Search Console API] link.

Click the [ Enable ] button.

IF Google Analytics Account or Pagespeed Enabling:

Step 5: Search [Analytics API], then click the [Analytics API] link.

Click the [ Enable ] button.

Step 6: Search [PageSpeed], then click the [PageSpeed Insights API] link.

Click the [ Enable ] button.

Step 7: Click the [ Credentials ] tab under the API Manager. Now click the [ oAuth consent screen ] tab and fill the Product Name and save the process by clicking the [ save ] button.

Step 8: Now go to the Credentials section and Click the [ New credentials ] button and then choose the OAuth client ID option.

You will then land on the [ Create Client ID ] page. Choose the [ web application ] option. Enter any name for the Client ID. Now open the [ InfiniteWP panel ] in another tab without closing this page.

Go to the InfiniteWP admin panel and click the [ Settings ] section. Select the [ Google ] services tab. Now copy the Authorised Redirect URI for any addon of your choice. Do not close this page yet.

Now go back to the Create Client ID page and paste the link you copied in the [ Authorize Redirect URIs field ] and then click the [ Create ] button.

Optional: You can also enter multiple URIs, each on a separate line

Note: Make sure you have enabled both “Google Search Console API” “Analytics API”.

Step 7: Copy the Client ID and the Client secret

Step 8: Now go back to the infiniteWP panel and open the Google settings section. You can now paste the Client ID and the Client Secret in the respective spaces and click [ Save Changes ] button.
Note: Check and make sure that you are not adding any leading or trailing blank spaces on your Client ID and Secret.

Step 9: Click the [ Grant Access ] button in the Connect your Google Analytics Account section.

Step 10: Click [ Allow ] button

Step 11: Congratulations you have now successfully synced your Google API account with infiniteWP!