Add multiple sites without activation key:

We have created a plugin for this purpose. There is no need to generate Activation key of client plugin. Check the Attached file

Bulk Client Plugin installation and Adding to IWP panel 

Follow the Below steps 

Step 1 : Extract the (You will get and quickAdd.php file )

Step 2 : Upload the quickAdd.php file into your IWP Admin Panel root folder 

Step 3 : Open the file and edit the iwp-helper.php file 

              Goto line 18 and change the Panel Url to your Uploaded quickAdd.php Url of your IWP Admin Panel. Save the file

Step 4 : Upload the edited file into your Wordpress sites and activate it . It will automatically add the sites to your IWP Panel :)

This needs to be done on all your WordPress sites that you want to add.